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Welcome to Accent Brazil

Toronto’s only Brazilian Portuguese Centre that not only focuses on the language but equally emphasizes its culture, social and business as well, while unblocking the brain for effective learning with Language Coaching, Pronunciation Course – all included in the fee. 

TRIAL LESSONS Wednesdays 5:30-6:30 or 8-9 pm. Register

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Tuesdays + Thursdays.                                     Mondays + Wednesdays
5 to 6:30 pm                                                          6:30 to 8 pm
October 25 to November 17                             October 12 to November 7
January 3 to 26                                                    January 2 to 25
NEW! Fridays                                                      NEW! Saturdays 
6 t 9 pm                                                                 1 to 4 pm
November 4 to 25                                              November 5 to 26
NEW! INTENSIVE COURSE ON Fridays and Saturdays. Students said “After 3 hours speaking Portuguese only, I went home thinking in Portuguese. Naturally! That was great!”

*Sliding Scale Available for Private Lessons. Call 647 808 5077 and tell us how we can help you achieving your goals in learning Portuguese.

At Accent Brazil, Language Coaching and Pronunciation Course is embedded in the lessons. Using the right side of your brain, connecting it to the left side is where the unblocking happens, speeding the learning process.

We offer one-one-one, semi private and small group lessons. – usually 3 or 4 students. In person and online lessons are available.  Translation to and from Portuguese and English.

The Learning Centre is operated by Meyre Pedroso Santos, a fully qualified and experienced Teacher.  She believes in making your learning journey as smooth as possible. To learn more about the Courses and how to unblock the learning process CONTACT US TODAY!



What if you could start learning Portuguese RIGHT NOW, for free? Yes, you can do it, by watching the video below! Have fun!

Brazil is a growing economy with endless business and vacation opportunities. Whether you are an executive  looking to do business in Brazil or a student looking to learn the language and culture of Brazil, Accent Brazil is for you.

We offer one-one-one, semi private and small group lessons. – usually 3 or 4 students.

In person and online lessons are available.

Translation to and from Portuguese and English.

Are you ready to start an adventure that is Learning Portuguese? What are your reasons for learning a language?

Accent Brazil will prepare you to interact with Brazilians.



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